The day I will remember

A day I will remember

April 10,2004,will be a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

It was a cool day,but not cold,I was visiting my Dad.We
were doing some work outside,and everything was going well,or
that’s what I thought.I began having chest pains,and they were
severe.I realized I was having a heart attack.
My Dads quick thinking probably saved my life,as he gave me
an aspirin.911 was called,and I was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance.The paramedics did a great job stabilizing me.They said that the aspirin did indeed save my life,thank God for my Dad.
When they got me in the E.R. the Doctor said that I had a blood
clot,and gave me a shot to dissolve it.Thats when my life
changed forever.The medicine had an adverse effect and caused
cardiac arrest,and I died.
I had heard of people dying and coming back,and they say they
saw a light,but were told to go back that it was not yet their
time.I was always skeptical about stories like that.
Well it happened to me! I was in a place that made me happier
than I had ever been in my life.I was at peace,with no pain,and
no fear.I know without a doubt that I was close to
Heaven.Words cannot describe the beauty that I saw.
After I was recessitated,they told Me I was gone for about two
minutes.Later that day I would die three more times,before I
was finally out of anymore danger.
I know some will not believe me,but that’s o.k.
All I know there is a life after death,and if You are born again
You will be happier than You have ever been.Just to know,You
will see Your loved ones again,one day.
I now do not fear death,to me it’s just passing from one life to a greater one.
Always be ready to meet the Father,because You don’t know when it will be Your time to go.
Sammy Smith


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