Blessings of Forgiveness

3-crossesBlessings of  Forgiveness

2 Cor. 2:10–11
Unforgivingness is a toxin. It poisons the heart and mind with bitterness,
distorting our whole perspective on life.
One thing satan wants us to do is get upset at other folks in the church.
Anger, resentment and sorrow begin to overwhelm the unforgiving
person—a kind of soul-pollution that brings out evil emotions.
Such bitterness can even spread from person to person, ultimately defiling
many. Forgiveness is the only antidote.
Forgiveness is a healthy, wholesome cleansing act that brings joy and
It washes the slate clean. It sets all the highest virtues of love in motion.
In a sense, forgiveness is Christianity at its highest level. God puts us to
the test every day to see if we are going to forgive and be like Jesus
I not going to get into why or who the church at Corinth forgave but how
we can use this scripture for our own lives.
If some one has repented for the wrong they done to us; then we should
forgive them.
Pride is the primary reason most people refuse to forgive. They nurse
self-pity which is nothing but a form of pride.
Their ego is wounded, and they will not stand for that.
When we allow our lives to be motivated by pride all our action and
responses will be wrong. No matter how white we think our robe is!!!
When we are offended and someone else expresses outrage at our hurt,
our tendency is to lap it up with a selfish delight.
Someone says, you poor thing how could they do that and we eat it up. We
want them to feel sorry for us.
It becomes a feeding frenzy, just like a bunch of sharks.
We got to rise above the things we do wrong and rise above those who talk
about us and take our self out of a victim status.
We all need forgiveness. Most of the time we are in the wrong because we
are flesh.
But those who think they are always right are living in pride and are so
blind they think every one else is wrong.
Some folks don’t want to forgive. Self-pity is an act of sinful pride.
The wounded ego that cannot rise above an offense is the very opposite of
Christ likeness.
Pride always wants to demand eye-for-an-eye justice.
We want to prolong punishment as long as possible and get every ounce of
suffering in return.
Forgiveness is not like that.
It buries the offense as quickly as possible, even at the cost of personal
If we are too put true Godliness and genuine love in action; we must be
able to swallow our pride!!!!
Joseph’s own brothers sold him into Egyptian slavery.
Falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife and then imprisoned for many years.
For most folks those would have been years of festering resentment and
time spent plotting revenge. Not Joseph.
When he finally encountered his brothers again, he was in a position to
save them from famine.
Forgiveness erases all the evil influences in our heart.Forgiveness frees us
from the bitter chains of pride and self-pity.
If we hold hate in our heart it will drain us like a dam breaking on a
Christians should be more willing to forgive than to blame, because
forgiveness, not condemnation, epitomizes the heart of our Lord
How does God treat a repentant sinner? With total, complete
forgiveness–instantly .
He holds forgiveness and love in His heart as He waits for the penitent
sinner to come and seek that forgiveness.
And then He bestows His mercy with the greatest joy and liberality.
Being a Christian means being like Jesus
God desires His people to have fullness of joy.
The apostle John wrote, These things we write, so that our joy may be
made complete
Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. I have been preaching a lot about our fruitful
harvest. How we can harden our heart or make the soil hard so that the
seed does not produce what God wants.
There are no limits on divine mercy and no boundaries on forgiveness.
If we walk by sight and not by faith we tend to be just like the world.
When we get panties in a wad we are ready to slap some body.
But the Lord said we should forgive them 7 times 70 every day.
Refusing to forgive is a sin.
God finds no pleasure in our despair. He seeks our joy, not our sorrow.
God is love.
The Greek word for love is agape—the love of choice, the love of will,
the love of serving with humility.
Love is best manifested in forgiveness. The real test of love is how eagerly
we forgive when we are offended.
Almost nothing can fracture a Christian life where forgiveness is
practiced, because unresolved issues are never left to fester.
Forgiveness is a simple matter of obedience.
It is easy to be obedient in some things. Scripture tells us to sing songs of
praise to the Lord. We love to do that!!!.
The Bible says we’re to pray. That comes fairly easy, but faithfulness in the
task is sometimes a challenge for some.
But of all things Jesus ask us to do, forgiving those who hurt us or our
family seems to be one of the hardest things to do.
We can not have fellowship with God until we forgive and clean out the
pride in our heart.
Satan’s whole agenda is undermined by forgiveness. Because sin cause the
problem in the first place.
Therefore, forgiveness is an essential part of undoing Satan’s schemes.
To refuse forgiveness is to fall into Satan’s trap.
Unforgiveness has all the opposite effects of forgiveness: it hinders
humility, mercy, joy, love, obedience and fellowship with the Lord and
other and really our self.
Forgiveness is the soil in which spiritual fruits and divine blessings are
Tending and nurturing the soil of forgiveness is one of the surest ways to
develop spiritual health and maturity.
When we forgive, it not only blesses those we had hatred toward, it blesses
our self — 1 Pet. 3:8–9

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