Where has Our power gone ?

Where has Our power gone ? Zechariah 4:1–6
bulbIt seems as though the church has lost its influence and most Christians have become spiritually weak.
We don’t speak out like we should in our schools at commission meetings or in the business world.Believers today are no longer the salt-of-the-earth, no longer the light in the world, but are merely a pale reflection of the times, casting doubts into dark corners.
We have lost the optimistic song of victory and we are playing the funeral song for a dying age.
Someone has described a pessimist as the one who blows out the light so we can see the darkness.And the church today remains silent and impotent in the presence of all that is taking place. Why— We have lost our power.
Zechariah was a young man with a vision. God raised him up in a day of discouragement and defeat.
A small remnant of Israel had returned from the Babylonian captivity. Jerusalem lay in rubble and ruin.
The enemy was pressing them from the outside. And they were discouraged by failure.
v-1-2 the lamp stand in the tabernacle is a picture of Jesus in the Old Testament.
It was a work of beauty. It was beaten out of a piece of solid gold. There was one main branch and  three branches going out on each side.
Priest duty to trim and fill all the lamps.. But this lamp stand was different.
How many of you have used a kerosene lamp when the lights go out.. The fire pulls fuel thru the wick.
But here the oil was supplied to the lamps by gravitation. The oil flows down out of the bowl and is fed to each one of the lamps.
This symbolizes the amount of power that is available to us thru the Holy Spirit
No priest had to provide the oil because it was always coming from the trees.
Each lamp has its own supply of oil from the trees.
The oil comes directly from its source right to the consumer; the middleman has been eliminated here.
No one has to go to the filling station to get the oil. It comes to the lamps directly.
As we travel in our cars it would be great if the tank stayed full and we never had to stop and put more in!!!
v-6 The word for might illustrate physical strength. The word for power is human strength—either mental
or material. But by my spirit says the Lord.
The light was burning very low when the remnant returned to the land to rebuild the temple, and Zerubbabel
wasn’t sure if there was enough power to keep the work going.
Believers today must keep in mind that the church is a light in a dark world, and we must depend on the
Holy Spirit to do what God wants in our lives.
There are 3 ways we can attempt to do the work of God: we can trust our own strength and wisdom; we can
borrow the resources of the world; or we can depend completely on the power of God.
The first two approaches may appear to succeed, but they’ll fail in the end.
Only work done through the power of the Holy Spirit will glorify God and endure the fires of His judgment
Just as those Jews were trying to rebuild the temple it must have seemed impossible.
In the same manner our body is a temple from God and for some of us it seems almost impossible to rebuild.
When we have made a mess of our life for so long we tend to think that it will never be like God wants.But Jesus said if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can say to the Mt. be moved and it will move.Some times we allow our circumstances to discourage us. The answer too many of our problems is prayer
that releases the power of the Holy Spirit
When we are faced with problem we must turn to God in prayer and ask for a fresh anointing of the Holy
Spirit a lot of Christian say they depend on the Holy Spirit of God, but they are so dependant on other devises that
if fire does NOT fall from heaven they turn on a switch produce FALSE fire of their own..
Pretending to be functioning from the power of God, when in reality it’s just religion will get us no where!!!
If there is no sound of a rushing mighty wind, we have the furnace all set to blow hot air instead.
There is a great principle and secret about how God works.
God’s will and work is instigated, promoted and carried through to a successful accomplishment by the
Holy Spirit apart from man’s ability and help.
Sure; does God allowed us to be part of His plan, some times.
If we recognized that we can do nothing in our own strength for God!
God’s purposes are not being accomplished by how smart we think we are.
Most churches today use committees and entertainment, recreation
programs, plans, drives, contests.
Budgets, sponsors, rallies, pep talks, psychological approaches, and high-powered advertising and a host of man-made things to get Gods work done.
The church has it all today and it is going nowhere. The machine is out of oil. It is broken down by manmade religion.
Most Christian boast about what is happening in their church and what they are doing and don’t know that
the Spirit of God has been locked in the closet and people have took control.
Gods work is not done by mankind it is by the HS. If we want the power to over come the giants in our life,we must us the same power that David had.
If you want victory and freedom to serve God, it only comes thru the power of the Holy Spirit. NOT from being religious.
We need the power of the Holy Spirit to even become a Christian. Do you know that none of us can make ourselves Christian?
And we can NOT live a Christian life with the flesh. Our righteousness is as filthy rags. We cannot live the Christian life.
You cannot show me a verse of Scripture where God asks you to live the Christian life!
And we have a lot of ?fundamental? believers who are super pious, and they think they are living the Christian life.
Yet they are carrying animosity, bitterness and hatred in their hearts. Listen that is all hypocrisy.
Yet God has made a way for us to live the Christian life. Yet it is so simple that most of us miss it and we keep stumbling along trying to live like Christians by our own efforts.
God’s plan and program is by yielding: First we must have a saving faith and 2nd we must have a submitting faith.
If we would get self out-of-the-way, then God could do what is best for us!!!
God don’t ask us to do any thing. In fact if we do it God don’t want it.
God wants to do it through us and that only happens as we surrender our heart and life completely to Jesus and stop playing church.

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