eternal life 1

JOHN 17:1-4 3-21-12
This is the longest prayer of our Lord during His public ministry on earth & is called The High Priestly Prayer.

It was offered in the presence of His apostles, after the institution & celebration of the Lord’s Supper, & immediately following the Passover discourse recorded in 14 to 16.
This prayer is different from the one He taught his disciples,because in it are petitions which the Savior could not offer for Himself, also there are petitions which no one but Christ could present.

 In this prayer there is an elevation of thought, a condensed power of expression & complete meaning.
Which has affected the minds & drawn the hearts of the most devoted children of God’s to a degree that few portions of Scripture have done.
Here we see the veil drawn back & we can go with Christ into the holy of holies
 We approach the secret place of the tabernacle of the Most High, which causes us to listening with humble & prepared hearts.
Jesus opens up His heart, both in reference to us & to His Father, and He pours them all out.
It sounds so honest & so simple; but we can not comprehend it
 There is no voice that has ever been heard on earth or in heaven which is more exalted.
More holy & fruitful than the prayer offered up by the Son to God Himself.
This is without a doubt the most remarkable portion of the bible
  The Scripture of truth, given by inspiration of God, contains many wonderful passages but none more wonderful than this
We look into the very heart & mind of Jesus as a man during the crisis of His great undertaking.
When he is about to sacrifice Himself & accomplish all that He had become flesh as a man to do.
The greatest prayer ever prayed only took 3 minutes & it is not elaborate but simple & natural; which human understanding cannot measure.We can not take these plain words & see all that          needs to be seen nor feel all that needs to be felt.
This prayer shows how wonderful the communications which constantly passed between the Son & His Father while He was here on earth.
This prayer is about Christ intercession for us.
Jesus prayed out loud in the presence of His disciples so their interests might be secured.
And so they would know the love He had for them & the influence He had with the Father.
This prayer shows Christ’s affection for the Church.
We are permitted to hear the desires of His heart as He goes to the Father.
Seeking the temporal, spiritual & eternal welfare of those who are His own.
There is not a word of criticism here. There is no reference to failure or sin.
Instead, Jesus prays for our prosperity & blessing.
Someday, we will face the hour of our death when we slip into eternity, arriving at the pearly gates
Jesus says to His Father, It’s time. The hour is come.
In this hour, the Son of God would end the work of His earthly life by His death.
In this hour, Satan’s vengeance would be unleashed in full fury upon the life of Jesus.
In this hour the messianic prophecies in the Old Testament beginning with Genesis 3:15, would be fulfilled.
The Serpent would bruise the heel of the Woman’s Seed.
V-2&3 Eternal life is found in knowing Christ as our Savior.
This knowledge of Him not only involves head knowledge, but also heart knowledge.
The demons of Hell have a head knowledge of Jesus, but they are not going to Heaven.
We must see with the eyes of our heart & understand Gods calling.
It is up to each individual what they do with what they hear from the Holy Spirit
Heart knowledge comes from asking Jesus to come into our heart & life and to be our personal Savior.
When we put our faith in Christ, this is the first step in getting to know the Lord in our life.
Jesus wants us to know God, which is accomplished through  Him alone.
We become one with God in Christ because we are reconciled with the Lord.
We are no longer separated or divided from Him.
Our relationship with Christ IS eternal, not temporal.
V-4 Jesus said, I have glorified You & finished the work! The You is not you & I but God the Father.
So the Lord summed up the divine purpose in his coming to this planet.
From the incarnation to the ascension, Jesus glorified his Father.
He finished the work entrusted to him.
Although the crucial part of that work still lay ahead, the Lord put it all in the past tense.
There would be no wavering, no turning back, no failure.
He was fully committed to the work of the cross, as He and His Father both knew.
The agony in the garden would not shake this resolve.
The injustices & shame and the pain of Golgotha, and the silence of the grave were stepping-stones on the predetermined path.
Jesus would carry the divine purpose out to fulfillment was never in question.
His obedience would stand the test. It was as good as done.
If the world as we know it came to an end now.
Could we say I have finished all the work that God wanted me to do.
Could we stand before Christ & hear Him say well done good & faithful servant.
Just as Easter is around the corner I believe we have plenty to do!!!

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