Be determined

Be determined 

When we don’t serve the lord whether we know it or not the enemy takes
control of our lives.
If we are going to serve God in the way He wants we must be determined to
stay on a course of action and be committed to the goal that He has set.
We must make a decision to follow Him and not allow excuses nor distraction
or pain to get in our way!It’s clear to see that in our lives the enemy is working
against us.
If you or a loved one are not in a battle with the enemy now, just wait a
little while trouble is own the way.
The enemy has nothing better to do than sit back and plot how to destroy our
No one wants to be depressed and discouraged feeling like the enemy is
winning all the time.
God doesn’t leave us, we leave Him and that’s what had happened with
They allowed their worship to become vain by allowing Eli and his sons to
pervert the house of God and they lost the Ark.
Man-Made Worship vs. Christianity Salvation is by works. Salvation is by
grace.It is based on man’s abilities.It is based on God’s abilities.Someone other
than God is the mediator: a priest, Mary, an idol, the Pope.The Lord Jesus
Christ is our Mediator.It is made complex and difficult. It is simple, by faith in
Christ. Do right in your own eyes. It demands obedience to God. Focus is on
music, drama, and entertainment. Focus is upon the Word of God.
Everyone wants to live a victorious life with out all the problems we face. Like
sickness-bills-family problems-stress-spiritual problems and 25 other things.
But the fact is God doesn’t take those things out of our way. He just gives us
the strength to go through them. amen

We must be determined to follow Jesus in spite of obstacles. We got to have the
want-to if we are to be delivered from the enemy
When God gives us a course of action, we must move steadily toward our
destination, no matter what the devil throws at us.
When the going gets tough we got to be determined to stay rooted and grounded
and follow Jesus
Jut like in this story; if we are faithful to serve God then He will conquer the
enemy for us.
We can’t do it on our own because we are powerless without the Holy Spirits’
We are no match for the spirit of the devil. We have no physical power to defend
our self against him.
When we shut the Lord out of our lives we become weak, might not happen
right at that moment, but it will happen in time and then we will get away from
Some times in our lives we got to clean up the mess around us for things to
look better. And the way we do that is by turning to God.
Knowing that struggles await us in the valley encourages us to stay on
the mountaintop.
Yet staying on top of a mountain stops us from ministering to others who are in
worst shape than we are..
We need times of retreat and renewal, but only so we can return to minister to
the world. Our faith must make sense off the mountain as well as on it.
If we will keep the light burning when we are going through the valley others
will see it.
We don’t need revival so we can be more spiritual, and say more amen’s or pray
We need revival so we can do Gods work without losing our focus and end this
race with great enthusiasm
We need to be able to say: praise God I made it. I did what God wanted me to
do. You see I want to hear God say: Well done good and faithful servant.
You see what happens over a period of time is we allow our inside to become
more like the outside.
When we became a Christian we were made different on the inside.
God will continue the process of cleaning up our lives only if we ask Him.
It’s not a one time fix. We must constantly be filled or should I say reconnected
with the Holy Spirit so we can mature and help our self
Most of the time we expect quick changes in our life and quick victories over
our problems and I wished it happened like that but unfortunately it doesn’t.
Our journey with God is a lifelong process, and the changes and victories may
take some time. But the change God makes is the only one that last.
It is easy to grow impatient with God and feel like giving up hope because
things are moving too slowly.
When we are close to a situation, it is difficult to see progress. Church
family money health.
But when we look back we can see that the hand of God never stopped working.
We are renewed through the power the Holy Spirit.
He gives spiritual life; without the work of the Holy Spirit we cannot even see
the need to make a change in our life.
He reveals the truth to us, lives within us, and then enables us to respond to that
Follow the Lord, stop making excuses and remove the distractions. Stop having
second thoughts and make up your mind to live for Christ.

When we start serving God things get better and better  every day as
long as we don’t sit down and quit.
Because then the mess is still there and we will start doing the same old thing
And before long our lives are looking very bad. We can NOT afford to serve
God just some of the time.
If we are going to grow in the Lord, then we must remove the things that will
hinder our growth.
We must take time to clean out our house of sinful habits and bad attitudes andso forth.

Paul put it this way.Colossians 3:8-10

We got to make preparation if God is going to deliver us from the enemy!!!
The Word of God is crucial in the area of revival and dedication.
Use it or lose it! If we can’t apply the word of God to our lives we will not be
able to clean up our spiritual house.
We must be determined or we will give in to the temptation of laziness.
And before long we start allowing junk to fill our lives instead of the Holy
Spirit, be determined 

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