Preparing for Victory


Preparing for Victory

   TEXT:Joshua 5;1-15
Israel was preparing for victory over the Egyptians.Israel made it to the other side of the Jordan River.

It was a miracle and it sent a message to the people on the other side.
Most would have expected Joshua to get the army together and attack Jericho right then.
But God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours and Joshua was getting his orders from the Lord, not from the people standing next to him.
God waited over 2 weeks before giving His people their first victory in the land. Our victory comes in Gods timing NOT ours!!!
I say this a lot. It’s the preparation we make before we get to church that makes the service very special.
If we don’t make the right preparation we will not be trusted with victory. Our victory comes from God not the preacher nor offering plate or those who think they run the church.
Victor is not based on emotions or how smart we think we are, but on the presence and blessing of the Lord.
There were 3 steps of preparation necessary before God will give us victory in the Lords house and in our lives

1. Renewing the Lord’s covenant

Covenant means agreement or promise. God promises to save and bless us based on our belief in Jesus, which is the covenant of grace.
Covenant is translated as Testament. We have the old and new. The old was the law and the new is the circumcision of the heart.
God gave circumcision as the sign of the covenant to Abraham and his descendants
The Jews had not practiced circumcision during their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.
38 years before they had refused to believe God and enter the promise land
God disciplined the people by making them stay in the wilderness until the older generation had died off, except Caleb and Joshua.
During that time, God had suspended His covenant relationship with Israel and didn’t require the mark of the covenant on their male children.
He performed wonders for them and met their every need even though they were temporarily not His covenant people.
I think today most Christians forget what it means to be in a covenant with the Lord.
We are surrounded by a world full of sin and the physical operation the Jews went through was meant to be symbolic of a spiritual operation in the heart.
But over the years, the Jews came to trust in the external mark of the covenant and not in the God of the covenant who wanted to make them a holy people.
Today most tend to think that if there name is on a church role, that is a covenant with God and they can live like they want.
Some people today feel sure they’re saved and are going to heaven because they’re baptized and join a church.
As good as these religious acts can be, they must never become substitutes for faith in Jesus.
Paul said when I am weak then I become strong. We must submit to the Holy Spirit and through faith and patience we will inherited the promises
After we’ve experienced an exciting victory of faith, God often permits us to be tested.
Crossing of the Jordan River is a picture of believers dying to self and entering by faith into their inheritance.
As we put out trust in Jesus we are baptized and have also been identified with Christ in His circumcision. Read Col 2:11-12

2. Thing to having victory is remembering the Lord’s goodness v 10-11

Paul said one thing he had learned was, to  get the past but there are some things we must never forget and that is; what God has done for us.
We cry and moan just like the children in the wilderness and when God blesses us we soon forget what He has done.
We should never forget that once we were a slave to sin and were out of fellowship with the Lord.
At one time we did not revive communion, which is symbolic of Christ death, the shed blood as wine and the bread as Christ body
Christ is our Passover Lamb. Without Him we can not enter the promise land. We must believe in the resurrection of Jesus
Some times we want to look back at what the world has to offer. Listen we got to let God feed us and satisfy us with the harvest in the inheritance

3. To have Victory we must reaffirming the Lord’s presence 13–15

Joshua refused to move until he was sure the Lord’s presence was with him.
God does not show up so we can get what we want. God only shows up for His glory. God helps us in the battle but He is the One who gives the commands not us.
Christians sometimes tell God to do their will. Instead, we are to follow the leading of the Lord in our life. We are to be on His team.
Great victories are won in private as leaders submit to the Lord and receive their directions from Holy Spirit.
Most folks at church have no clue about their leader meeting with the Lord, but that can make the difference between success and failure on the battlefield.
Listen none of us are in command here, it is the Lord thy God. We are simply servants. That must follow His will.
It’s when we forget who really is in control that we start to move toward defeat and failure.
If we are obeying the will of God, no matter where He leads us, we are on holy ground; and we had better behave accordingly.
Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God
To have victory; first we must humble our self in worship and then we can live a holy life so that we are able to fight the good fight of faith.
We have already been given our inheritance and we must overcome the enemy in order to claim it for ourselves and enjoy it.
When Joshua met the Lord, he discovered that the battle was the Lord’s and He had already overcome the enemy.
All Joshua had to do was listen to God’s Word and obey orders, and God would do the rest.
God had already given Jericho to Israel; all they had to do was step out by faith and claim the victory by obeying the Lord.
We must be spiritually prepared if we are going to do the Lord’s work successfully and glorify His name.
Instead of rushing into the battle, we must take time to be holy and hear from the Lord.
When we face a battle in our life we feel the burden and stress that comes with it, but the Lord don’t show up to be a spectator.
He shows up to take control of the situation and bring us the victory with His power and spirit.

by Sammy Smith

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