eternal life 1

 Text:Psalms 131:1-3


Humility,there are times we are not pleased with the way our life is going.But contentment grows out of humility and trust in God.

Pride results from over valuing ourselves and under valuing others.

Pride leads to stress because it makes us dissatisfied with what we have and concerned about what everyone else is doing.Pride makes us hunger for more attention . But humility ,puts others first and allows us to be content with what God is doing in our lives.

In return that gives us security so that we no longer have to prove ourselves to others.
We must let humility and trust, affect our perspective and give us the strength and
freedom to serve God and others contentment is the one thing we all want.
We want to be satisfied and complete. But when we look in the mirror that is not what We see.We are so focused on what the world has to offer that we have forgotten how to enjoy the necessities that our Lord provides.

David said my heart is not proud. He spoke those words in prayer. He wrote them
down for his own edification and guidance in the conduct of his affairs.
Only a truly humble man could write, “Lord, my heart is not proud.” That is either the
true or an astonishing exhibition of self-deception.
Humility is a very difficult plant to grow in the soul’s garden of grace.
True humility does not consist in pretending we don’t have gifts and abilities we know
we have and everyone else knows we have.
True humility is having the ability to do the greatest thing in the world—but to be just
as happy if someone else were to have that ability.
We move toward maturity when we honestly accept who we are, understand what we
can do, accept both and live for God’s glory.

How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord? for ever? how long wilt thou hide thy face
from me?Psalms 13:1

Rejecting ourselves, and envying others are marks of

David had seen some of this kind of behavior in his own son Absalom as well as in
King Saul.
A proud heart refuses to face reality, trying to be some body you’re not will lead to
embarrassment and failure!!
When we accept our self and thank God for the way He made us, we don’t need to
impress any one.
They will see our worth and love us for who we really are.
David did not promote himself; it was all God’s doing.
The world says get ahead what ever it takes. But David avoided all that by having a
humble heart with a humble spirit and by staying away from gossip
It’s better to mind our own business and let other people get own with theirs.

We can avoid making mistake by comparing the short-term satisfaction with its long
range consequences before we act.
V-2.How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? how
long shall mine enemy be exalted over me?Psalms 13:2

There are many lessons in the school of life: growing up involves painful losses that
can lead to wonderful gains.
The weaning of a child marks a stage in its growth. It marks its first venture into
Maturing people know that life is a series of gains and losses, and they learn how to
use their losses constructively.
God’s goal for us is emotional and spiritual maturity and sometimes God has to wean
us away from good things in order to give us better things

Abraham had to leave his family and city, send Ishmael away, separate from Lot and put
Isaac on the altar. Painful weaning!

Joseph had to be separated from his father and his brothers in order to see his dreams
come true.

Both Jacob and Peter had to be weaned from their own self-sufficiency and learn that
faith means living without scheming.

The child that David described wept and wept but eventually calmed down and
accepted the inevitable.
Infants do not realize that their mother’s decision is for their own good, because
weaning sets them free to meet the future and make the most of it.
The child may want to keep things as they are, but that causes immaturity and tragedy.
When we fret over a comfortable past, we only forfeit a challenging future.
In the Christian vocabulary, hope is not “hope so.”
It is joyful anticipation of what the Lord will do in the future, based on His changeless

Like the child being weaned, we may fret at our present circumstances, but we know
that our fretting is wrong.
Our present circumstances are the hope out of which new blessings and opportunities
will come.
Successful living means moving from dependence to independence, and then to
interdependence, always in the will of God.
To accept God’s will in the losses and gains of life; is to experience that inner calm that
is necessary if we are to be mature people.
V-3 David turns now from himself to his nation, the nation over which one day he was
to be king.

Consider and hear me, O Lord my God: lighten mine eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of
death;Psalms 13:3

The holy anointing oil had already been poured on David’s head by Samuel out on the
While David was serving Saul, David knew that he was to be the king.
David also had enough sense to keep that to himself. It was not up to him to get rid of
Saul.That was up to God. His job was to hope in the Lord.
Hope causes us to have: an expectation for the exciting and eternal. Causes a desire for
deliverance and a dream for the desired.Hope is aspirations for our aims and
anticipation for an arrival. Hope is a longing for life and for love.
Hope is a wish for the wonderful and security in the statements of others.
Hope gives us a reliance in the reliable and faith in the faithful.
We are creatures of hope and need hope to live, lest we lose the desire to live and just
give up

The Bible repeatedly urges us to look into the future during our times of darkness.
The gospel message is that everything is going to be okay, and there is much happiness
awaiting us just around the corner.
Pride undermines our faith. Pride can cut us off from God and others. Our hope is
based on God’s faithfulness.
God wants us to make the most out of our difficult circumstances.
If we will turn to God, and earnestly seek Him with our whole heart . We can have the
same attitude that David Had from this time forth and forever.
God’s Word provides us with information about Heaven, our home, happiness, and
Hell, that is prepared for Satan and his followers.

The world sees a hopeless end, but the Christian rejoices in an endless hope. amen

by Sammy Smith

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