Mark 2: 1-13 8-8-12

 Jesus had been on the road preaching for about a year and comes home to Peters house for some rest,
But a few friends were carrying a sick man on a stretcher. They wanted Jesus to heal him. They were desperate.

Some times the positive power of desperation, as hard as it is to accept ,is the best thing that can happen to us.
When we have gone as far as we can go and done all that we can do, like this mans friends, it time for plan b
The great part of that is, When you come to an end of yourself you find the Lord.
If you plan on doing anything for God you might as well get ready for the storm. During the storm, the test will come.
Anyone can serve God when the sun is shining, and there are no big problems to over come like cancer or some thing.
But it takes men and women of faith, courage, and commitment to stay the course when thing begin to fall apart
Desperation tests our level of commitment.
 Problems helps us to see what is really important and what is not.
God does not allow problems so that we are defeated, but so that we become stronger in faith.
When we are desperate it will make us leave all the things behind that are not connected to the spirit of God.
Desperation can bring out our best and our worst.A lot of times the storms of life can bring us to the place of desperation.
 Not only did this man get saved and healed but imagine the effect it had on his friends and those who witnessed the event.
Some folks never come to Jesus until they are at the end of their rope.
Some times if it were not for certain situation in our life we would miss the fresh revelation that only comes from God.
These men and their friend were exhausted, worn out, and without divine assistance the man was going to die.
It’s amazing how far we have to go sometimes to run into grace.
If we let fear keep us from receiving the blessings that God has in store for us our faith will never grow.
We must stop worrying about the unknown or what others think or say and get away from tradition thinking there is no hope.
Desperation can help us overcome all that and bring a positive force in preparing us for this awesome revelation & manifestation of the power of God.
Some of you may have sensed a growing desperation in your spirit, You don’t known which way to turn, nothing seems to be working anymore, your exhausted.
I believe your on the verge of a fresh revelation that is going to bring you into a deeper relationship with God than you have ever known before, and in turn there is going to be a greater manifestation of the power of God in your life.
Nobody likes to feel weak, or unsuccessful or like they don’t know what they’re doing 0END.0.
But sometimes we have to reach that place before our ears open to really hear what God is saying and our eyes are open to see how to do it Gods way.
Like the woman with the Issue of blood for 12 years, It wasn’t until she had spent all her money and exhausted every avenue at her disposal that she came to Jesus.
If she had more money, or another doctor to turn to she may never have come to Jesus.
We could go on and on. It was desperation that caused Jairus to risk his reputation as a leader of the religious community by coming to Jesus because his daughter was dying.
It was desperation that caused blind Bartimaeus to cry for mercy in spite of the persecution of those around him.
It was desperation that brought the widow woman to the prophet, Her husband had died and left her in debt, and her creditors were coming to make slaves of her two sons.
Her desperation created an avenue for a miracle of divine supernatural multiplication and provision, as she poured from her pot of oil into many borrowed vessels.
To all those who have struggled with the feelings of desperation, as though you’ve done all you know how to do, you have prayed, fasted, you have confessed and it seems like nothing has changed.
I’ve come to tell you get ready, because on the other side of your desperation is a miracle, is a greater revelation of Jesus than you have ever known.
There’s a new anointing growing inside you.
There’s a special gift–A new vision–A new level.
Something is getting ready to take place and desperation is that last stage before manifestation, it is here that you either break through or break down.
It is at this point that the devil will try to convince you that it’s not worth it.
That God has changed his mind, or that you misunderstood God.
Or that you just dreamed your own dream.
I’ve come to tell you that delay is not denial and desperation is a positive power when it causes you to throw yourself completely on God.
I have come to tell you that God is always on time.
It may seem like it will never happen but if God said it,It will come to pass.
You may have to pass through the storm on the way, and you may have to fight some giants, and you may reach a place called desperation.
Everyone who has experienced the glory of God has had to come to this place.
Desperation is the breeding ground for miracles.
Before we can clam the promises of God we must step on faith and receive our inheritance.
We can live in the promise land no matter how many gaits we face. All we must do is come to Jesus who can meet all our needs according to His riches in glory. Amen
When we are faithful and trust the Lord it brings glory to our Father in heaven.
We need to let the world see our belief our vision and watch the manifestation of the Holy Spirit go to work on behalf of our Lord and Saviour Jesus amen!!!

by Sammy Smith

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