The Modern day Lot

Some pastors are becoming a  modern-day Lot ?

They are figuratively sitting at the gate of Sodom,closing their eyes,allowing worldly ideas and evil to sneak into their Churches.Pastors,not preaching against sin,because they want their members to feel good about themselves,as not to hurt their self esteem.Turning their head to drunkenness,adultery,fornication,lying and accepting those who practice the homosexual lifestyle choices.Sin is sin.

Yes we should teach about Gods love,but preaching about His love does not mean accepting sinful lifestyles.Just as long as You feel good about yourself,everything is going to be just fine,I have heard this with My own ears,it is Satan’s way of deceiving the lost,and confusing some that are Christians.

There are consequences living sinful lifestyles.

False teachers teach a feel good about Yourself message,It is alright to feel good about Your life,but only if You are following the word of God.These who teach,god loves You just as You are,and what You are,and repentance isn’t necessary,are deceiving those in believing they are right with God.We must confess Our sins to the Lord,to have favor,and forgiveness.

Praise the Lord there are a few good Men preaching against sin,and the forgiveness of sin.The salvation message is more important than any thing.Romans,10:9-13

Stop listening to the false teachers:

Don’t be a “Modern Day Lot.”

From the “Devils Cookbook”

From the “Devils Cookbook”
Recipe for being a False teacher :
Use a tablespoon of truth,mix it with a large bag of lies,a touch of ignorance,be sure to add some feel good about Yourself seasoning,and then stir it with some name and claim it, and let it bake behind the pulpit for about 45 minutes, and there You have it,Right out of the Devils Cookbook.