Christians supporting millionaire false teachers

I do not wish to upset any of My Christian friends,brothers or sisters ,but this must be said. It is sad that people are sending false teachers on these phony Christian networks, their tithes and offerings and financial support, when there are so many regular folks in America that are hurting.

Here in our own country people are supporting these  False T.V.millionaire preachers, who by the way, DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU,JUST YOUR MONEY, instead of supporting local church programs to feed the hungry and homeless. Now, this goes to all You preachers/pastors out there who refuse to help other churches that do not share the same name as Yours, SHAME On YOU. Can You imagine if the Church of Christ, Baptist, Church of God ,Methodist, and all the non Denomination’s that Claim Christ, would work together as Christians instead of worrying about how one another worships inside the confines of their 4 walls what We could accomplish? SHAME on All of Us.

We have so many churches in this valley that claim to have the heart of Jesus, and His blood running through our veins, and some can’t come off Your spiritual high horse long enough to do His work. Sometimes I can only imagine how God the Father, and Son think about Us spoiled little Children.
If each Christian would just give a little, in this Valley, so many could have more. It isn’t the Governments place to give ,it is Ours .
I put Myself in the same boat too,because I  know can do more. Can You ?Sammy Smith.