“God fearin,Bible believin bunch.”

This was a very thought-provoking story to Me.
This is a story as told to Me by a Preacher Friend, a few Years back.It isn’t trying to disparage or cast judgment or mock certain churches.It is just a reminder that people who are lost are looking and listening to the church folk.
He starts His story:
I go to visit a small church that, believes,teaches ,preaches,screams,and shouts about divine miraculous healing.Where the preacher anoint’s with oil and lays hands on them,by the way there is nothing wrong with that,the Bible says to do it,when done right.
I ask the pastor,how many members are in the congregation,He replies,”around 80,It is a small church,just a group of God fearin,Bible believin bunch.”
The service starts,and there are about 12 people in the pews.They open with prayer,sing a couple of songs,The Preacher brings his message,which ironically is about the divine healing touch of God,and the other gifts, the Deacon close in prayer,and dismisses the service.
Afterwards, I ask the Pastor,where was the rest of Your congregation.They all have been sick.He say’s ,”They just can’t seem to get well.”
Think about it


Context ,context ,context.

Johns personal greeting to Gaius.3rd. John 1:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
For years I was taught by some that John was talking to the Church.However,when I started digging deep into study,it revealed that He was only greeting Gaius,one of His friends.
I believe this is why that We need to keep everything We read in the proper context.
Many W.O.F.(word of faith),and name and claim it preachers,use this verse as a solid gospel fact for the whole Church.
Common sense and reasoning would conclude,that when using a proper noun such as Gaius,that would mean that He is the subject,and not the church.
Since “church” is not even mentioned ,then it can’t be the subject,in this case Gaius ,whom John was describing.Remember context matters.
I am not saying that God,does not want His children to prosper and be in good health,but this scripture cannot be misused,or confused as meaning of the Church as a whole.

I believe this is where many false doctrines come into being.Some read one or two scriptures out of context,and bang,boom,a new church,or “cult” has surfaced.The bible is so rich with scripture about false teachers,it would do each believer good to read them.
Sammy Smith.