Holy Spirit Discernment,Comprehension,and Context

Many false doctrines have been created by,lack of,Holy Spirit discernment,lack of comprehension,and ignoring scripture context.
I would add also,those who accuse others of adding,or taking away,are in many cases guilty of the same.
I believe the Apostle Paul’s letters in the New Testament,are the most abused by W.O.F.,and Prosperity teachers.I have witnessed this personally,and have discussed it with people who do this.
This is why context is so important when reading the Bible.One must know the text of the story,or letter in these cases in its entirety to discern scriptures correctly.
Allow me to put it this way,If I am talking to someone about fishing,the story is not about farming.Just because I mentioned something about a cornfield near the river where I was fishing,it doesn’t change the text of the story being about fishing.

1 Corinthians is probably,in my opinion,the most abused of Paul’s writings,and ,1 Timothy runs a close second.

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