Stop playing prophet and apostle

In the past few years I have witnessed loved ones in My Family,and many Friends pass from this earth to Gods arms.Some were prayed for and never were healed physically,after being told they were, by over zealous emotionalists.They said claim that miracle and trust the Lord, and He will heal your infirmities,because by His stripes You were healed.That’s sounds so nice and spiritual and everything,but it isn’t scriptural.All You have to do they said,name and claim that miracle.
Well guess what,as to the best of my knowledge they all claimed it,by those so-called healers words they claimed it,and yet still died.I believe in the healing power of God,but I also leave the healing to Him.
Every time Jesus or the Apostles prayed for someone it was instantaneous,and the sickness of that disease never returned.
When Peter prayed for the lame man begging for alms(Acts 3),He told him,silver and gold,I don’t have,but what I do have I give it to You,arise and walk,and he did.Peter never told the lame man to name and claim it,or just claim that miracle brother,the man just got up and walked.By the way,he didn’t have to wait,or go to the doctor the following week to see if he was healed.
Everyone Jesus touched was healed instantly,and interestingly enough,He never told them to “Claim that Miracle,”they were just healed.
Name and Claim it is not Biblical.Claiming a miracle is not Biblical,in the way that people a being told to do by many word of faith people.
What do You tell those Family members that lose’s a loved one to sickness or disease ,that You laid hands on and prayed for all the while proclaiming that Jesus said they are healed ? What do You tell those that are not saved who watch and listen to Your words of false proclamation ?
Folks it is time to stop playing prophet and apostle,just stop it.
When You pray for someone,don’t give an editorial,or false hope,just pray for them.Stop the name and claim it word silliness.I am tired of seeing my Friends sadly disappointed by Your false words of proclamation.So please do us all a big favor pray,and don’t make a big production out of it,and leave the miracle performing to God.

Let me leave You with this.James 5:14

Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:James 5:14