Snapshot_20150510Greetings,My name is Sammy Smith,I’am a retired sheet metal worker.Since I have retired,I have more time to study Gods word.I  also am  an evangelist,associated with the Baptist Church.I surrendered the call in 1990. I have been saved since 1977.I am married ,My wife’s name is Debbie .I have one daughter,Jenny,and three lovely grandchildren.My goal on this blog is to share the Gospel of Christ in hopes that it may lead the lost to Jesus,and bring back those who have gone astray.Just to teach the gospel.

This is a Conservative Christian blog.

It is my prayer that God uses me for the mission of the Church.I believe in the virgin birth of Christ,the death of Christ.The burial of Christ,and the resurrection of Christ.

I believe Man is saved by faith;Ephesians,2:8 & 9

I also believe the saved are kept by the Holy Spirit.Ephesians 4:30

This blog is not intended to judge anyone,but to bring awareness that one must be born again to spend eternity with the Lord Jesus.

I use the  1611 King James Version Bible.

You are also invited to join our group on Facebook “Saved by Grace.”A discussion group of the Bible,and current events concerning the Church.

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